Celo Farms Update: Migrating to the Optics V2 Bridge

2 min readDec 22, 2021


Following the recent (controversial) activation of recovery mode by the original Optics team, we have decided to migrate our pools to Optics V2–a community-owned redeployment of the Optics Bridge.

Optics V2 Bridge Interface is live! Users can now bridge back to Celo using a new version of Optics, now with 30 minute dispute periods (vs 3 hours), bug fixes, and Avalanche support!

Optics V2 Pools are now live! With several new farms including: cUSD-USDC, USDT-WETH, and MOBI-WETH. Pools will start out with just sushi rewards, while we working with the Celo Labs team on kicking off the CELO rewards again.

Old Optics V1 Pools have been turned off except for cUSD-DAIv1. This pool will continue to be incentivized until approximately Jan 1st to allow smaller users to migrate from DAIv1 to DAIv2 without having to bridge back to Ethereum.

Also our friends at Mobius have setup a migration tool that can be used to exchange the Optics v1 versions of WETH, WBTC, and USDC to the Optics V2 versions.

To note: we may also have some pricing bugs on the farms page and analytics while we work trough this migration process.

For more info on Optics v2 give this forum post a read.