It’s here: Fvck SAKΞ

🍶 We heard you’re in need of a drink. Your SAKΞ is underway.

Refreshing your mind

It was the year 2021, the Dutch auction to own 1 of 888 ever to be made bottles of SAKΞ was launched on the MISO launchpad. The SAK3-token (confirming one’s ownership to 1 SAKΞ) was available for purchase on May 20th, 2021 via a 7-day auction.

SAKΞ was the first of its kind: a tokenized sake bridging tradition and technology with quality design. The pinnacle of Sake brewers’ craft and technological innovation, every bottle of SAKΞ is a work of art. With the highest attention to the details of production, from planting rice seeds to hand-bottling to order, SAKΞ is curated by Sake Samurai (not to be confused with the Sushi ‘Samurai’ community engagement team in Discord) Elliot Faber and produced by Kitanishi Shuzo, makers of Bunraku, with a bottle designed by BIG Architects and featuring the art of Jonathan Jay Lee.

But, where’s my drink?

The sake production has come a long way. They’ve conquered lockdown measures and supply chain disruptions but are finally on their way to being bottled and shipped to its rightful owner — you. To receive a bottle of SAKΞ, you must own and burn at least 1 of 888 $SAK3 tokens for a SAKΞ NFT (e.g. 1.0 SAK3 can be redeemed for a bottle; 0.77 SAK3 cannot). Physical redemption is scheduled for May 2022, your SAKΞ is bottled by hand and shipped fresh almost anywhere in the world courtesy of Sake Samurai Elliot Faber.

Why do I have to burn my $SAK3 for a SAKΞ NFT?

  • 150 SAKΞ NFT owners will get access to FVCKRENDERS latest NFT project FVCKAVATAR// (only for the first 150 burners, determined via a snapshot).
  • SAKΞ NFT will also be utilised to redeem the physical bottle of sake. We estimate sake redemption to happen end of May 2022.
  • SAKΞ NFT will be utilised for governance in the SAKΞ DAO.

Sounds good, what’s next?

1.) Burn your $SAK3 token for a SAKΞ NFT

The incredible Vancouver artists FVCKRENDER & BAEGE collaborated on a SAKΞ reintroduction NFT. The animated visual celebrates a surreal metaverse where Sake becomes a meta physical object floating in a Japanese inspired pavilion. This NFT features iconic imagery from both artists with an iconic bottle designed by BIG Architects.

View on Opensea


2.) Check if you’re on FVCKAVATAR//’s ‘Allow List’


  • The first 150 SAKΞ NFT holders will be eligible.
  • First come first served, hold the SAKΞ NFT before the snapshot period.


  • March 16th: (expected) SAKE NFT token holder snapshot.
  • March 25th: Allow list to mint an ESSENCE for FVCK_AVATAR.

Note: FVCK_AVATARS// will be launched in 4 phases — for more information please refer to the tweet below:

3.) Redeem your physical SAKΞ bottle Expected sake redemption to happen end of May 2022 — more info will follow #soon.

4.) SAKΞ will live on in a DAO

SAKΞ DAO is launching Q2 2022 — more info will follow #soon.

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