Kicking off MISO V2 Mainnet with Sushimi

5 min readApr 20, 2022

We have an exciting announcement to share today!

Today, Sushimi, a PFP project born of a team of community contributors will launch the first ever MISO v2 mainnet auction. Their goal? Create a standard for fair, transparent, gas-efficient mints using Sushi’s suite of products.

When? Today — Wed 20 April, 9 am EST.
Where? MISO on Ethereum Mainnet —


Sushimi is a 10K PFP NFT project centered around the Sushi brand, by Sushi contributors, utilizing and promoting Sushi tools, and giving back to xSushi holders — a turnkey, a-to-z activation that promotes Sushi in an authentic, creative way.

Sushimi aims at creating a standard for fair, safe, transparent, gas-effective mints by leveraging key tools of the Sushi ecosystem: MISO, xSushi and Onsen. On top of that, it will give back to the Sushi Community by sharing 50% of sales and 50% of royalties with xSushi holders.

Read Sushimi’s introduction here, and learn more about their roadmap here.

MISO v2 Multichain Deployment is Now Complete

We have officially launched the new MISO — a fully permissionless multichain token launchpad. MISO is currently live on BSC, Fantom, Matic, Harmony, Moonbeam and we’ve recently released it on Avalanche, Arbitrum, Polygon and now on Ethereum Mainnet!

The new MISO makes it easy for anyone to launch a new token to their communities by completely opening up the token auction process. This improved UX will allow new groups of creators to enter web3, without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

How To Participate In The Sushimi Dutch Auction On MISO Mainnet

The Sushimi Dutch auction will kick off on April 20 at 9 am EST and last 72 hours.

The auction will start at 2 ETH, dropping steadily to a floor price of 0.05 ETH per SUSH (the ERC-20 used to redeem the Sushimi NFT).

To participate, make sure your wallet is connected to the Ethereum network and funded with ETH.

When you find an entry price that works for you, simply choose the amount of ETH you want to commit and place your transaction by clicking on “Commit.”

⚠️ Keep in mind that you’ll need 1 SUSH to redeem a SUSHIMI NFT (but you’ll be able to trade the extra or missing parts after the auction ends).

Step-by-step tutorial

Step 1) Participate in the Dutch Auction

  • Click on the Sushimi auction.
  • Choose the amount of ETH to commit and click on “Commit”.
  • A pop-up appears. Click on “Confirm Commit” to validate the transaction in your browser wallet.

That’s it, you’re in!

⚠️ Don’t wait too long to bid, as many others might be on the hunt for their own Sushimi.

Step 2) Claim your $SUSH ERC-20

You’ll be able to claim your $SUSH ERC-20 tokens when the 5,000 genesis $SUSH tokens have been sold, or when the auction ends after 72 hrs.

Note that the total $SUSH amount you’ll get will depend on the amount you committed and the final token price (total ETH raised/total supply)

To claim, simply head to the Sushimi auction page and click on the CLAIM button to place your transaction.

Step 3) Redeem your Sushimi NFT

Once you claimed your $SUSH ERC-20, head to and click on the MINT button on the main page. The contract will automatically detect the number of $SUSH you hold in your wallet and mint the corresponding number of Sushimi NFTs.

  • Place your transaction and…. you’re now a proud owner of your very own Sushimi.

Sushimi NFTs will be revealed upon minting. To discover your new buddy, simply head to your favorite NFT platform once the transaction goes through.

⚠️ Remember that you’ll need 1 FULL $SUSH to claim 1 Sushimi NFT. If you don’t have a full $SUSH, you’ll be able to collect the missing $SUSH or sell the extra using the dedicated pool.

That’s it, we hope this guide helped you navigate the first Ethereum Mainnet auction on MISO. Happy minting!

If you have any questions please hop into the Sushimi Discord and the team there will assist you further for any other inquiries you may have. Other links: Sushimi’s official Twitter, Site, Medium.

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