MISO — Minimal Initial SushiSwap Offering

4 min readFeb 1, 2021

Start your Sushi experience with a nice hot MISO

MISO is a suite of open-source smart contracts created to ease the process of launching a new project on the SushiSwap exchange. MISO is a place for token creators and communities to launch new project tokens. We aim to create a launchpad for both technical and non-technical project founders, which will allow communities and projects access to all the options they need for a secure and successful deployment to the SushiSwap exchange.

The Ingredients

MISO creates a collection of out-of-the-box smart contracts for non-technical founders to choose over more traditional and code-oriented methods of token launching. Our customers will be able to select and customize their token launch — including initial offering, vault, and farm options, MISO functionality is aimed at easing new tokens through their launch and migration of new liquidity into SushiSwap.

This suite of contracts, dubbed our “ingredients”, is divided into the following groups:

  • TokenFactory — A Factory to create tokens for projects; fixed supply, mintable, Sushi token.
  • Fermentation — Vaulting/escrow options for locking up tokens over time
  • Market — Contracts for initial token offerings; Fixed price crowdsale, batch auctions (also known as an IBCO), and Dutch auctions.
  • Farm — Fresh tokens can be farmed for rewards by users
  • Launcher — Easy liquidity migrations; set a portion of raised funds to create a new SushiSwap pool and migrate trustlessly.

MISO Markets

Markets at their core are a way to distribute goods to the public and find the price people are willing to pay. MISO Markets focus on aiding tokens in finding the initial price people are willing to pay, before releasing them for an open exchange on SushiSwap. Typically, this is used for projects to finance their further development and create an initial distribution of their token — MISO takes the pain out of the decisions and planning to surround your initial token offering.

We have included three main types initially and will continue to add new types and iterations over these, Markets are at the core of what MISO offers — the rich broth that all the other ingredients are filled with, so we want to get them right. The first two are Crowdsales and Dutch auctions. Both offer their own advantages and will meet the needs of a wide range of offerings while ensuring token offerings are priced respectably for the SushiSwap ecosystem. The third is a combination of the two, the Batch Auction, popularized by the recent IBCOs.

The Recipes

To enable new projects the best opportunity to launch cleanly onto the SushiSwap exchange, the Ingredients listed above can be combined in various ways — creating “Recipes”. These recipes provide project teams the flexibility they need to create the launch their token needs to succeed, without having to needlessly dedicate their own researches to developing their own launch methods. By making the MISO contracts open-sourced, communities and investors can know any launch they are participating in — no matter the “recipe” — comes with sound and trusted mechanics.

Recipe01 — Classic MISO
Recipe02 — MISO Full Flavour (All the things)
Recipe03 — Liquidity Farm
Recipe04 — Fair Launch (TBD)
Recipe05 — Community decides!
..plus many more to come.

Recipes are combinations of smart contracts, bundled together as users (project teams or founders) make selections from MISO’s offered options. Recipes may contain one or more options from each Ingredient section, or in some cases may only require one or two ingredient choices — this depends on the needs of the project and community. MISO ensures a strong launchpad and successful migration event to the SushiSwap exchange, project teams only need to select their recipe and MISO starts cooking!

Recipe02 — MISO Full Flavour (All the things)

Thanks to a bit of magic combining our ingredients, clone factories and some help from features in smart contract language Vyper, we can do all of the following, in just one transaction.

  • Creates a fixed supply ERC20 token
  • Deploys a crowdsale contract
  • Funds crowdsale contract with the new tokens
  • Creates a liquidity launcher
  • Funds liquidity launcher with a portion of new tokens
  • Deploys a fresh SushiSwap pool
  • Create a new MasterChef farm
  • Funds farm with reward tokens and gets it ready
  • Registers the SLP token and alloc points in the new farm
  • Sends remaining tokens to a wallet/multisig
  • Launch a tokenized object (like a Sake bottle 👀)


With that, we invite you into our kitchen and hope you enjoy the selection. Be sure to offer any suggestions for new ingredients or share your own recipes to be added to the official MISO menu