Searching for: a Senior UI Designer

3 min readMay 10, 2022

Experienced User Interface Designer(s) wanted

We’ve made an explicit commitment to finding, evaluating, and undertaking a formal hiring search across the entire Sushi organization. We believe that the road ahead is best approached with continuity from the existing team & a commitment to embracing fresh talent, perspectives, and contributors. This is why Sushi is commencing a formal talent search. We believe the road ahead for Sushi 2.0 includes great new talent joining Sushi.

The Role

Senior UI Designer

Role description
As a UI-focused member of the Design team, you will be responsible for building and handing off polished, high-quality UI screens to developers. You’ll be building from wireframes/mid-fi prototypes provided by UX designers. You’ll work closely with the Design and Frontend/Engineering teams to understand and create innovative DeFi products, and bring the Sushi brand to life through the UI. The team is fully remote, and we welcome candidates from anywhere.


  • Create, polish, and hand off high fidelity UI screens to developers.
  • Maintain the Figma UI library of components, colors, fonts, etc and ensure its brand consistency and keep changes up to date.
  • Research: aid in competitive research for new products/features, and stay in touch with current trends and design patterns in the space.

Preferred requirements

  • Is available full-time (or is planning to transition into full-time soon).
  • Has experience with designing and creating prototypes in Figma, as well as experience with libraries and component-based design.
  • Has experience in DeFi/Web 3.0.
  • Has experience in designing UI for both desktop and mobile screens.
  • Attention to detail, meets deadlines and works well in fast-paced environments.
  • Has a sense of curiosity and love of problem solving, and stays up-to-date with developments in DeFi


  • Step 1: Fill out this Google form.
  • Step 2: If your resume/portfolio and motivation is a match we will contact you for an interview.
  • Step 3: An interview will be conducted, if there's a fit you will move on to the trial phase. If not, you'll be informed.
  • Step 4: In the trial phase you'll work with the team on an assignment (you will be compensated for the hours you put in).
  • Step 5: After the trial, there are 3 possible outcomes:
    1) Mutual fit, you'll be onboarded to the team.
    2) Mutual fit, but for any reason we can't onboard you to the team — we'll offer you a contributor (contractor) role.
    3) No fit, you will be informed and the hiring process ends here.

We will reach out to qualified candidates for interviews and compensated trial opportunities this month. This application closes when we've gotten enough applications. We may hire more than 1 designer.

What we offer

  • Competitive salary package, paid vacation & sick leaves.
  • Flexible working hours and location.

Other roles we are looking to immediately hire for (opening up soon):

Product manager
Solidity Dev
BD Associate
Full Stack Dev
Business & Strategy Analyst

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