Sushi 2.0: A Restructure For The Road Ahead

  • A reorganization was conducted and a strong, loyal team has been retained and installed. Additionally, several new team members have been added.
  • Rekindled key stakeholder relationships and an external operations advisor has been appointed.
  • A fair compensation structure has been set-up, proposed, negotiated and completed across all departments.
  • A legal structure (SushiDAO) has been proposed and recently passed snapshot 22.
  • Emissions have continually been reduced to current levels, where on average Sushi is generating 3–4x in fees across its networks & protocols relative to sushi emissions.
  • Monthly spend from Ops has been cut in half from what was averaged during the previous summer and fall.
  • Prior proposals to introduce stability to the Treasury 6 have been re-hashed, and brought to Snapshot. We’ll be emphasizing a disciplined approach to capital allocation & spend while ensuring requisite funding for innovative product development.
  • Long term commitments by a comprehensive Sushi team
  • Executive & leadership search process
  • Increased transparency to budgets & checks via committee & community oversight
  • Concentrated liquidity on Trident
  • Stableswap on Trident
  • Stargate implementation for Omnichain Token Swaps
  • Furo Stream & Furo Vesting
  • Shōyu 2.0 Beta
  • Kashi Optimizer & Improvements
  • Adoption of Sushi 2.0 interface
Roadmap 2.0

Roadmap & Vision

Our Sushi 2.0 plan is comprehensively broken down into several sections covering many topics such as:

  • Roadmap Overview
  • Governance & Community
  • Treasury Management & Sustainability
  • Legal Structure
  • Team Leadership Recruitment

Product Roadmap

Over the last year, Sushi has had a free flowing but slightly unorganized approach to product development. This has had its benefits in the form of new and powerful primitives that were built, but also its cons that come from technical debt and moving to these new systems. The priority for the team will now be centered around fully finishing and integrating these primitives into our stack, and providing an overall permissionless / open system for developers, projects, and users to take advantage of. The three pillars of DeFi are swaps, lending, and launchpads. We now have all of this under one suite, and extending this system with new types of the three primitives will be much easier to do. Tooling will be of the highest priority as well, which includes solid documentation and tools to make life easier for outside developers to take part in the Sushi ecosystem.

  • An oracle framework to allow for easy onboarding of any oracle provider, and introducing lending and borrowing markets for many more tokens.
  • Complete rebuild of the UI that has already been completed, and ensures continuity & similar experience to our other products.
  • Completion of key features, such as TWAP support, which unlocks lending and borrowing against liquidity pairs and various other types of assets within the space.
  • Integration with limit orders to provide margin leveraged orders or trading. Better tooling to monitor and inform users on market performance, and allow us to A/B test different styles of Kashi configurations.
  • Gnosis Safe or Minimal Multisig Deployment on launch.
  • Liquidity Lockups or direct Liquidity Launching to spin up liquidity pairs the moment an auction ends.
  • Vesting schedule put into place at the end of an auction.
  • Direct incentive deployment, to establish well incentivized farms for new projects looking to build their liquidity on Sushi from day one.


The Shōyu team expects to have an open beta available in 8–10 weeks so long as there are no unforeseen complications on the way.

  • Collection and Trait based offer system — This is great if you’ve been thinking of purchasing a Moonbird with a particular trait like ‘Diamond Eyes’ for a specified price.
  • Add to basket & checkout system including floor sweeping tools — If you plan to purchase multiple NFTs in one transaction then this is for you and so are the gas savings that come with it.
  • Make a purchase with any combination of tokens in your wallet — All listings are in ETH/WETH and we perform the swap under the hood at the time of sale.
  • Best NFT indexer and search experience to date — With the help of StreamingFast technology we are building the best NFT indexer on the market. One of the major pain points with current NFT marketplaces is that their search engines are sub-optimal and finding what you want is often met with resistance. We’ve put in systems to make this a problem of the past.
  • Social features — The social aspect of Shōyu is a completely opt-in system, if you do not wish to make a post about your collected or created artworks then you don’t have to. We do not have comments enabled on the NFT item page on the marketplace. On the other side of that discussion we would love for creators and collectors to build their communities through Shōyu. We are building a system very similar to Twitter where our social features do not interfere with the marketplace but instead bolster and promote it. If that’s not for you, that’s totally okay. For a quick example of what we can do with this; BAYC could make an announcement through Shōyu and only allow BAYC owners to comment on the post.
  • Email and in-app notifications for purchases, offers, likes and more — When you make a purchase or sale on Shōyu, you can receive a notification via email and/or in-app.
  • BentoBox to BentoBox transfers across chains, with the ultimate goal of providing an easy way for users to deploy assets to the best yielding opportunities.
  • Cross-chain swaps, will unlock the liquidity that we have built up across various chains with many improvements for the user that come with this experience.
  • Many ideas will come from this integration, though we don’t want to reveal all of our cards just yet.
  • Full migration of our data layer to The Graph’s Network, enabling true decentralization and up-time for our interface.
  • Working with DAO tooling projects such as Utopia, supporting them with the integration of our products and also helping in any way we can to improve DAO operations and the various nuances that come with it.
  • Continued use of ImmuneFi and its bounty programs to ensure our protocols and newly deployed features are continuously being poked and prodded by whitehats to help us discover and prevent future exploits.
  • Continued use of Certora and their formal verification processes to ensure future releases are well tested and have all been formally verified.
  • We will continue to be good stewards of our ecosystem while giving back and growing the ecosystem as a whole.

Samurai 2.0

Throughout the turmoil that has been since mid-last year, Samurai have acted as community champions and provided round-the-clock support to the Sushi community. The Samurai have cemented their commitment to the Sushi community.

  • Toshokan Blog
  • Sushi Webinars
  • Sushi Academy
  • Samurai NFTs
  • Samurai-Sushi Merch store
  • Open Contributor Engine
  • Sushi Data Room
  • Product Metric Templates
  • Transparency Templates
  • Support Engine
  • Testing sessions
  • Self-Service Knowledge Base
  • Samurai Platform
  • Samurai Onboarding Platform


Sushi has long enjoyed an organic marketing approach without a formal marketing team. As the project grew and products shipped, the lack of a dedicated team to keep up with the need for updates, educational content, awareness activities and partnership/co-marketing efforts was apparent. The past several months our marketing contributors were able to take a grassroots approach and set-up a regular drumbeat of content to bring product awareness, co-marketing efforts and community updates to life. With most of the roadblocks now(e.g. retrieving access to social channels, having a marketing budget allocated, Sushi pay & org structure sorted) we’ll be able to lay a better foundation for Sushi Marketing 2.0.

  • Prepare product launches (hype videos, campaigns, cross team coordination)
  • Push feature updates (communication, monthly newsletters, community updates)
  • UI & UX research/feedback campaigns (for pre-releases)
  • Educational campaigns (explainers, tutorials)
  • Managing contracting parties (for all non in-house work: videos, community artists, partners)
  • Community engagement campaigns (Contests & other User generated content activities)
  • Write explainers and introductions for all products
  • Technical writing (conduct research & updating docs)
  • Write use cases (strategies for different target audiences)
  • Set-up an educational knowledge base to onboard new users (Sushi Academy)
  • Social channels coverage
  • Promoting governance awareness
  • Events & community partnerships (facilitating AMAs w/teams, presence at key industry events)
  • Press/Newsletter/influencers coverage
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Partnerships/co-marketing efforts
  • Set-up a community ambassador program
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Medium
  • Telegram
  • Youtube
  • New releases
  • Onsen
  • Tools: Meowshi, Sushi Guard
  • Trident
  • Kashi
  • Legacy: SAKΞ
  • MISO
  • BentoBox
  • Until release: Shoyu*

Sushi DAO

Governance & Community
Community is a major pillar for the future of Sushi, and thus our commitment to transparency and community involvement will continue. Weekly Forum calls will continue as they are today, and our AMAs will be reestablished for new & exciting projects. Sushi 2.0 will usher in an enhanced commitment to real-time, on-going community updates. Open governance, and the well established forum to snapshot processes will be put into place to ensure that fair governance happens. Governance will continue to be at the forefront of our plans, and we have plans to incorporate the community earlier and often in the discussion & decision making process.

  • Whitelisting of new AMM pool types, Kashi pairs, and Miso recipes.
  • On-chain or snapshot modules to execute txs from the multisig will be introduced over time so that Sushi can start to take its true form of permissionless & self-functioning governance.
  • Tokenomics & ve model discussions
  • Ecosystem grants & process
  • Leadership/executive contributor appointments
  • Community oversight, checks & balance process. The formation of community councils to ensure all needs of the community are addressed, and the community’s voice continues to be heard & felt.
  • Treasury management, sustainability & budgetary matters.


This proposal outlines updated compensation for all Sushi contributors and establishes a budget for future hires, leadership, and strategic/advisory to ensure sushi remains at the forefront of DeFi innovation many years into the future. We will also align the contributors with the community and set up a “compensation committee” to transparently oversee all Sushi operations. All Sushi teams, contributors, and future contributors will fall under the oversight of the compensation committee. Our proposal will retain a comprehensive team across all functional areas & departments (Engineering, Design, Marketing, Biz Dev, Community Engagement, Shōyu, & Operations) to ensure a cohesive team capable of operating the full businesses end to end.

  • Compensation negotiations
  • Track TWAP and as well as approve the Roadmap based vested Sushi once the Roadmap is complete/or when individual items on the roadmap are complete.
  • Help with compensation negotiations on future hires Observe the establishment of formal roles & responsibilities.
  • Negotiate future compensation plans after the outlined ones expire.
  • Review individual performance evaluations for pathways to contributor promotion, probation, or termination.
  • Vet, approve, & disclose budget requests.
  • To determine if roadmap items have been completed in a satisfactory manner & in a reasonable amount of time.
  • For distribution regarding price oriented incentive targets defined by 30 day TWAP price targets.
  • For validation of performance reviews.
  • Similarly, a Compensation committee will also support a unanimous voting system in the event a contributor relationship requires formal termination & offboarding.
  • Annual salary in USDC w/ individual performance bonuses for meeting criteria such as: quality & quantity of work done, productivity, direction & ownership, teamwork & culture.
  • Vested Sushi with a 1 year cliff 4 year total vest.
  • If a contributor elects to tie most of their total compensation to performance based compensation they may elect a 6 month cliff & 2 year vesting window on their vested Sushi allocation.
  • Roadmap based Sushi with a strike of completing a community agreed roadmap and 2y vest.
  • Price based Sushi at a $12 strike, 30 day TWAP, & 2 year vest.
  • One time signing bonus. 6m cliff.
  • I’m Software — Engineering Team Lead, Compensation Committee
  • JiroOno — Software Engineer
  • Sarang — Software Engineer
  • Chillichelli — Software Engineer
  • Ross — Software Engineer
  • Ilya — Software Engineer
  • CleanUpGuy — Software Engineer
  • Lufy — Software Engineer
  • Tangle — Community Manager, Business Development
  • 0xBella — Marketer
  • Unagi — Marketer
  • Cabbage — Designer
  • Kastrye — Designer
  • Chester LaCroix — Designer
  • APE — Business Development
  • Pegbit — Samurai
  • RSK — Samurai
  • Maka — Samurai
  • Trudahmzik — Samurai
  • Zapacheenie — Samurai
  • Salman — Shōyu
  • Masayoshi — Shōyu
  • H4v1g — Shōyu
  • fejk/Ryan — Shōyu
  • Neil — Compensation Committee
  • Annual salaried budget for retained contributors + roles we are looking to immediately fill: 5,750,000.00 USDC.
  • Compensation tied to 2 year vested sushi: 1m $SUSHI.
  • Compensation tied to 4 year vested Sushi: 1.341m $SUSHI
  • Compensation tied to 1 time “signing bonus”: 115,000 $SUSHI
  • Performance based compensation (roadmap deliverables &/or price strike): 2m $SUSHI


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