📰 Sushi April Recap

5 min readApr 29, 2022

Welcome to the Sushi monthly recap! 🗞

This post will outline some of the major operational, technical, and community milestones reached in the past month. We’ve summarized all articles and announcements as well as some of the exciting things to come — as laid out in the Sushi roadmap. Without further ado, let’s dive into the highlights:

Product news

🥣 MISO v2 multichain deployment

Our MISO v2 launchpad has been unlocked on @0xPolygon @Arbitrum @avalancheavax and #Ethereum Mainnet!
Read more about the different chains you can access MISO on and what MISO v2 is about here.

With our multichain strategy Sushi is best positioned for a future of mainstream crypto adoption.
Read our newest blog to learn which chains we’re live on & how to get started with launching, trading and earning passive income on multiple networks here.

🔱 Trident one-pager

We heard you thinking:
“Trident intends to be a production framework for building and deploying AMMs (built on top of BentoBox), it is not just a single AMM itself. But what does this mean for me?”

So, we’ve summarized a TLDR in this one-pager for you:

Read more about Trident:
📙 Trident launch — Phase 1
📘 Trident’s Constant Product AMM — Pool 1

🎓 Sushi Academy

Sushi Academy an educational wikipedia page

In our efforts to continuously onboard new users and finding a way to remove user friction of always having to search hard for relevant information, we’ve created a wiki-like page where users can find quicklinks of all our products & see all resources in one place. The goal is to further build this out into an actual academy with text-based tutorials, video tutorials and visual one-pagers (#soon) in collaboration with our beloved Samurais.

This is just a quick MVP version to see if this format gets traction & to collect user feedback. Once this page proves useful we'll build out an actual landing page: https://bit.ly/SushiAcademy

Feel free to add comments directly to the notion page (comment access is enabled) and/or provide feedback via Discord in the #free-for-all channel!

Other news:

Don't deposit any SNX or Synthetix based assets in BentoBox or Kashi!
Full post-mortem: https://hackmd.io/rjL7eQdwRB2mpZ31K4ltmw

Governance news

The Sushi team released a proposal and roadmap for the next months following our reorganization.

📖 Read the proposal: Sushi 2.0: A Restructure For The Road Ahead
Read the roadmap here.

Other news:

SushiGuard Router Contract proposal is up — vote on the poll now!
Sushi Vesting Merkle Tree Clawback is up — vote on the poll now!
Fukkatsu: Make Sushi great again proposal is up — vote on the poll now!

  • Enter the stargate proposal ⚡️ — has passed the Snapshot with 92.55% SushiPowah!
  • Sushi legal structure proposal 📝— has passed the Snapshot with 99.95% SushiPowah!
  • Kanpai Part 1 & part 2 proposal 🍻— has passed the Snapshot with 88.96% & 88.40% SushiPowah respectively.

Community news

Sushi's Toshokan community-focused blog

We’re excited to introduce Toshokan, our new community-focused blog that will help keep you all informed about the latest happenings at Sushi.

With the rapid growth of our community, we want to make sure that everyone has access to information about what we’re doing and why. Toshokan will be a central place for us to share updates, announcements, and articles about all things Sushi. We encourage you to bookmark Toshokan and check back often for new content.

Toshokan will offer a variety of content, from early sneak peeks and product leaks to governance discussions and detailed information about product releases. We want to bridge the team and the community gap by sharing more information with everyone while growing the community.

Please go check it out and do subscribe! https://toshokan.samurais.io/

Additionally, the Samurais are cooking up Sushi Webinars coming #soon!

Sushimi's MISO mainnet auction ended

With the @Sushimi_nft MISO auction ending, the team has decided to go back to the basics, and develop their own minting solution. Participants in the MISO auction can now claim back the ETH they have committed in the Dutch Auction and can mint their Sushimi NFT directly from the site: http://sushimi.org

  • Participants in the MISO Dutch auction are eligible for a discounted mint (0.03 ETH/Sushimi, pro-rata of the amount of ETH they committed)
  • Everyone else can mint a Sushimi for 0.05 ETH.
  • Supply for sale is 9900 Sushimis

Read more here.

Arbitrum Odyssey Ecosystem Contest

Sushi’s won the first round in the Arbitrum Odyssey ecosystem challenge. Sushi’s Arbitrum Voting poll. The 14 projects that have won will move on to the official Arbitrum Odyssey initiative next month where they will work with @ratwell0x, @sugoiNFT, @ProjectGalaxyHQ, & Arbitrum to reward our users with free NFTs!

Read more about the contest here.

Sushi x Keystone hardware wallet integration

We’re excited to announce that SushiSwap has integrated with Keystone. We're the first cross-chain DeFi dapp to adopt the ABI decoding feature for their users’ safety and security.

Read more here.

Other Protocol news

♨️ Onsen pool launches

🥣 MISO auction launches

📊 Analytics

If you have any other questions please hop into the Sushi Discord so one of our Samurais can assist you: click to join Discord. See you next month! 👋

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